Recital Options (Jazz M.Mus.)

A range of recital options are available - see the program requirements details.

Recital Deadlines

Beginning of year: Book the hall for your Winter semester recital

Submit your application form, production forms and recording requests by:

  • October 1st for recitals between November and January;
  • December 1st for recitals between February and March;
  • February 15th for recitals between April and October:

Submit program notes up to 3 weeks before your recital.

Recital Guidelines

Planning the Performance Project

  • Explore the options: A variety of options from recitals, opera roles, chamber music, recordings and innovative individual and multi-disciplinary intitiatives encourage creativity, development of professional identity, and the advancement of knowledge and performance practice.
  • Discuss with your teacher how to use and schedule options to complete 18 credits of thesis Performance Projects required or your program.
  • Plan ahead to 2nd year so that project ideas, interpretations and collaborative relationships have an opportunity to mature.

Selecting & Booking a Hall

  • Attend concerts in the halls. Visit our Facilities pages early in your program to find concert hall seating plans, technical requirements, and booking instructions.
  • Consider repertoire, instrumentation, type of audience, and any other additional requirements (i.e. overhead projection).  
  • Check the list of instruments in each hall.  Harpsichords, for example, can only be used if they are already available in the hall.
  • Consult your teacher about hall availability (typically May for Master's recitals) and book your hall at the beginning of the year if possible.  For hall booking details, see Building Resources.

Tips for Selecting Repertoire

  • Choose repertoire that is organized around a theme or idea, tells a story, explores different types of musical or cultural relationships.
  • Select works that you have not done before, that inspire your imagination and encourage you to explore it deeply.
  • Ensure that your selections are ultimately doable.
  • Look for unique and interesting ways in which you can present and showcase the music; use contrasts and changes in tempo and mood to give the whole sequence of the program an overall structure and movement or drama of its own.

Selecting your Examiners

The panel consists of three members: your teacher and two others.  Select an examiner from this list: PDF icon Performance examiner's list (.pdf)

Working Collaboratively

  • Agreements with accompanists should be confirmed in writing and include dates and times of rehearsals, repertoire, fes, and how the fees will be paid.
  • Cultivate a professional working relationship with your accompanist:
    • Provide repertoire well ahead of rehearsals and concert times.  
    • Create an efficient rehearsal schedule, with defined goals, in advance.
    • Cancel or change rehearsal times only in exceptional circumstances.
    • Be prepared for each rehearsal.  Listen to recordings of great performances and discuss with your teacher what makes that particular collaborative relationship so artistic or powerful.

MUPG 659: Perf in Recording Media

The candidate must submit a 60-75 minute audio and/or video document of his or her performances on the instrument they were accepted to at McGill. The recording must include only original compositions and arrangements. For students in the Jazz Improvisation or Jazz Orchestra option, the recording must demonstrate originality and competence as jazz instrumentalists. For those in Jazz Composition, the recording must demonstrate originality and competence in composing for large and small jazz ensembles.

Submission Deadline dates:

  • December 1 for students expecting to graduate in February (This is a conferral of degrees only, there is no convocation ceremony. Students will be invited to the Spring convocation).
  • April 1 for students expecting to graduate in the Spring.
  • August 1 for students expecting to graduate in the Fall.

If these dates are on a weekend, the previous Friday will be the deadline date.


  • The CDs/DVDs must be of a professional quality and be labeled accordingly (title of each piece, length and musicians’ names).
  • Number of copies: 4

Submit your application form, recording requests by:

  • October 1st for recitals between November and January
  • December 1st for recitals between February and March
  • February 15th for recitals between April and October

Submit program notes up to 3 weeks before your recital

Recording your Concert

Recitals can be recorded using the one-touch recording system (Pollack and Tanna only). The charge is 5$. Otherwise there will be a service charge according to the following price list (these prices are for a maximum of musicians on stage at any given time):

  • For up to 5 musicians: 75$
  • 6-10 musicians: 100$
  • 11 musicians and more: 125$
All recording requests must be made on the appropriate form available from the Production Office (C-208) and returned no later than 2 weeks before the event.

Grading Policy

The final mark for all recital projects, including opera roles, and repertoire exams and quick study, will be an average of the three grades submitted by the three examiners. 

Read the recital exam grading policy (PDF) for more information.

Keys to Success All rights reserved"An engaging program is all about balance: successfully mixing styles, tempos, feels, metres etc, … risk and reward;… and preparing so something beautiful, new and unexpected may (hopefully) take place."

-Paul Rushka, D.Mus. (bass)